Chrome Sparks turns up the heat in brand new EP ‘Be On Fire’ [Music Review]

Chrome Sparks turns up the heat in brand new EP ‘Be On Fire’ [Music Review]

One of the positives to come out of the post-Christmas lull is that, often, obscure or underground artists are more likely to be heard or discovered. Fresh on the heels of his self-titled debut album which was released last year, Brooklyn-based Chrome Sparks returns with a brand new five-track EP Be On Fire – an interesting and innovative gem to start off the year.

In2 Your Love sets the template by marrying a retro Motown feel seamlessly with a more futuristic synthwave psychedelia, and adds a splash of trap beats for good measure. If you can picture the likes of Tame Impala collaborating with Thundercat and Jungle, then you’re not far off. The title track, meanwhile, delves further into this juxtaposing time capsule, with the vocoder feeling reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

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Juno Lion takes the tempo way down, and feels even more raw and visceral. Even with a simple beat, this song feels a lot more lo-fi, verging on vapourwave alongside some vintage synthesiser sounds.

Be On Fire is a mesh of ideas bundled together to create something exciting. You might not think psychedelic-trap would be the most accessible of genres, but Jeremy Malvin has managed it.

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Chrome Sparks turns up the heat


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