Apink not at 100 ‘Percent’ in new album [Music Review]

Apink not at 100 ‘Percent’ in new album [Music Review]

K -pop main-stayers Apink have just released their eighth mini-album Percent. Following 2018’s I’m So Sick, the group announced an image overhaul in a recent press conference – but if this record is anything to go by, the six-piece have churned out a set of songs which are nothing more than ordinary.

The title track opener has a charging cheerleader beat cutting through a dreamy aesthetic, but it leads up to a slightly disappointing nondescript chorus, given the promise of the opening verses. And this summary fits for every song that follows.

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That isn’t to say that Apink don’t mix up their genres on Percent. What Are You Doing has these brash, prominent Japanese-pop keyboard blasts, and a clear tropical house beat, but again, the best parts show up in the build-up rather than in the drop or crescendo.

The lighthearted funk of Push & Pull also lacks impact, before the jazzy Enough, which cranks up the pop elements and shows off their most expansive range of instrumentation that nod towards radio-friendly 90s hip-hop, ultimately being the most cohesive track here.

Memories is a particularly drab closer, even if the girls sound at their most emotive and comfortable.

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Apink not at 100% in 8th album


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