Day6’s ‘Remember Us?’ is not memorable [Music Review]

Day6’s ‘Remember Us?’ is not memorable [Music Review]

On Day6’s mini-album Remember Us: Youth Part 2, the K-pop five-piece deliver a range of styles, but only pull it off half the time.

Lead single Days Gone By is by far the strongest and most memorable track here, with bopping piano chords and vocal hooks like “Every moment was awkward / I had a terrible time to go/Looking back now/I did not leave any regrets.” This sparkly pop banger would fit perfectly on the soundtrack of an 80s cult film.

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Unfortunately, Headache is not in the same vein, and ends up being more of a, well, headache. The group try to hard to match their vocals to the punk sound of the music, but fail to get the right level of urgency or attitude.

Beautiful Feeling is an acoustic-led anthem perfect for arena shows. But things fall apart again with Marathon, definitely the most awkward and irritating song on the record, made worse by the crowd singalong towards the end. Hurt Road is another over-the-top theatrical performance, this time in the form of a slow ballad.

Ultimately, Remember Us is so hit-and-miss that you will forget most of it instantly.

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