'How I Imagine Snow' is a great record from Zimo [Music Review]

'How I Imagine Snow' is a great record from Zimo [Music Review]

How I Imagine Snow is the second EP from Hong Kong Producer and DJ Zimo, following 2017’s Our Memories, and the single he dropped this summer, Memory Chamber. The trance record may only contain three tracks, but it still manages to show an interesting range of sound and colours.

Opener A Violent Love features a classical orchestra, which gives an unexpected edge of nostalgic to the more industrial techno drums. As the beat takes hold, the track gradually gets darker, giving a nod to the rave sounds of the 90s.

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Fire Again is the shortest song at seven minutes. It has a more conventional trance vibe, and much grittier rhythm. The repeated whispers of “Fire again” create a sense of foreboding, as the snare gradually builds to sound like gunshots, which further add to the song’s imagery.

Zimo cranks up the bass on the title-track closer. It’s the catchiest track overall, and upbeat, even with the harrowing vocal sample, “What’s it like down there/It’s cold and dark/Just a million miles away/Just nothing.”

The three songs could be cut shorter to make them more radio-friendly, but this is par for the course when it comes to house music. Zimo shows a wealth of ideas here which make this EP an enjoyable listen both passively and attentively.

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