Dear BTS Fans: 'Burn the Stage’ is a look behind the scenes with the K-pop group [Movie Review]

Dear BTS Fans: 'Burn the Stage’ is a look behind the scenes with the K-pop group [Movie Review]

Since their meteoric rise to fame in 2017, BTS has gained fans all around the world. Dear BTS Fans: Burn the Stage is a movie that documents this astonishing journey. From their 2017 Wings Tour and the Billboard Music Awards, to barbecue hang-outs and hotel shenanigans, the movie provides an intimate look at BTS’s exponential success every step of the journey.

Burn the Stage is a blend of many things. It begins right at the centre of BTS’ glory, their concerts. Slowly, clips from their rehearsals, discussions, and down time are added to the mix.

The docufilm ends with the boys reflecting on their success and their future.

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The cinematography is beautifully raw, almost like an indie movie or home video.

There is a captivating interplay and contrast between the euphoric atmosphere of concerts, and the blood, sweat, and tears of stardom.

The documentary has no shortage of smiles or side-splitting laughs. There’s a lot of charm in just setting up a camera and letting BTS do their thing. Their unscripted interactions are endearing and, at times, hilarious.

Burn the Stage knows its audience and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. If you’re a hard core fan you’ll definitely want to catch this on the big screen.

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