Lauv on touring with Ed Sheeran, his My Thoughts Blue project, and how it inspired viral hit 'Superhero'

Lauv on touring with Ed Sheeran, his My Thoughts Blue project, and how it inspired viral hit 'Superhero'

Lauv has won the hearts of many with his honest music, and attempt to connect with fans via his My Blue Thoughts project


Lauv’s viral song Superhero is based on a note a fan left for him.
Photo: Daniel Prakopcy

Lauv has, over the past year, become something of an internet sensation. Twelve months ago, the singer-songwriter had about 10,000 followers on YouTube. After the release of his hit songs Superhero, There’s No Way, and Paris In The Rain, that number has ballooned to more than a million subscribers. He caught up with Young Post over email while on tour in the US to talk about supporting Ed Sheeran, his My Blue Thoughts project, and gaining popularity in Asia before anywhere else in the world.

“It’s been absolutely incredible,” said the 24-year-old. “For a while, I could only see numbers online and it was hard to conceptualise how certain cities in Europe and Asia were my top streaming markets in the world, and so I started playing my first shows there. And it became real, getting to meet my fans out there … they’ve been some of my best shows, and I’ll be coming back for the rest of my life.”

From those early shows, Lauv got noticed by megastar songwriter Ed Sheeran, who invited him on tour in the US, giving Lauv his first experience of arena shows last year, and then his first experience of stadium shows in 2018.

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In between support slots with Sheeran, Lauv fitted in as many of his own shows, which he describes as a “huge dynamic of emotions”, due to the intimate nature he experiences with his fans. During his last run of gigs, Lauv brought along a “My Blue Thoughts” box, a concept where fans could drop notes in about themselves and their feelings.

“I wanted to create a place for people to be able to anonymously and freely let go of something that was on their mind, or holding them back. In the moment. No judgment. And for people to be able to go online and connect through the notes from all around the world.”

This innovative idea took hold, with one of the notes inspiring his viral hit Superhero, which was released in August. The note which read “I met a superhero, I lost her, I want her back” was enough inspiration to pen the song – but the story didn’t end there.

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“One of my best friends and I wrote the song in like 10 minutes after finding the note … Then it was a process to find the guy who wrote it. We put out a little documentary, which captured the whole process. Finally meeting Martin [who wrote the note] was an amazing experience, it came full circle!”

It’d be easy for the songwriter, with his fast-growing fan base, to get swept up in the craziness of show business – but even with each song’s performance exceeding the last, he manages to keep himself grounded. “I’m just trying to stay focused on creating the most honest art I can possibly make, because the power of that is the reason I started making music in the first place”.

Lauv still has dreams to play his own stadium shows, to have a number one album, and to win a Grammy Award (an award that recognises achievements in the music industry), but behind all that, at his core is a much more personal ambition. “For me it’s really about growing and being the best artist and human I can be. Hopefully that inspires, and frees other people.”

Lauv’s There’s No Way Remixes are out now on all streaming sites

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