Charlie Puth was a pro and a tease on the HK leg of his Voicenotes tour [Concert review]

Charlie Puth was a pro and a tease on the HK leg of his Voicenotes tour [Concert review]

The 26-year-old American pop star wowed his Hong Kong fans with both newer titles and classics such as See You Again.


American pop singer Charlie Puth wowed his Hong Kong fans with his sweet vocals.
Photo: Live Nation

Hall 10 at the Asia World-Expo was packed on Sunday night as 26-year-old American pop star Charlie Puth took to the stage for his Hong Kong performance of his Voicenotes world tour. The atmosphere was charged with energy, and it became electrifying when the lights slowly dimmed and artificial fog covered the stage to signal the start of the concert. When the smokiness cleared, it revealed two guitarists at each end of the stage.

After an instrumental performance by the guitarists to warm up the crowd, the music abruptly stopped and all the lights turned off one by one. The audience screamed with excitment. 

A silhouette appeared. Puth walked out of the fog onto the stage, brought the mic close and went straight into his latest single, The Way I Am. This upbeat opening number was accompanied by a drummer whose performance sent powerful vibrations throughout the venue that could be felt all the way in the rafters.

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After his opening number, Puth performed other hits from Voicenotes such as How Long, Patient, and Attention, which has been streamed on Spotify more than 770 million times. In addition, the artist showed off his musical talent by improvising on a keyboard he carried on his shoulders, driving an already wild and energetic crowd even wilder. And that wasn't even the peak of his Hong Kong concert.

The crowd exploded when Puth performed We Don’t Talk Anymore from his 2016 album, Nine Track Mind

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All too soon, the concert came to an end. Puth waved farewell and walked off stage, but it wasn't long before calls of "encore!” resulted in the fan-loving singer back onstage for one final song. He sat down at the piano in the middle of the stage and teased the crowd with a few melodies before launching into his iconic See You Again.

One by one, thousands of fans fired up the light on their smartphones, and the hall was transformed into a sea of lights.

Throughout his performance, Puth expertly entertained and pleased his fans. His vocals were sweet and soft, the high notes perfect, and his sound so clear it rivaled the studio-recorded version. Hong Kong fans do hope to see Charlie again soon.


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