Calum Scott, former Britain’s Got Talent contestant, gives it his all at HK stop of 'Only Human' Asia Tour [Review]

Calum Scott, former Britain’s Got Talent contestant, gives it his all at HK stop of 'Only Human' Asia Tour [Review]

Fans of the British pop singer were wowed by an emotionally-charged and heartfelt performance at his first ever concert in the city


British pop singer Calum Scott gave it his all in his Hong Kong concert.
Photo: Enzo Cheung

As Calum Scott walked onto the stage, the small but enthusiastic crowd cheered, and cheered even louder as he opened with his song Come Back Home.

Judging by the warm reception, his Hong Kong fans definitely listened to his first studio album Only Human on infinite repeat. Scott proclaimed multiple times, “You are by far the loudest crowd I’ve ever had. I’m so thankful to have the best fans in the world.”

Scott’s selection of songs ranged from the upbeat to the mellow. On the first end of the spectrum were Rhythm Inside and Give Me Something, both of which had the audience bobbing up and down, and elicited multiple high-pitched shrieks from the excited fans.

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After a while, it became clear to everyone that Scott’s forte was slow, soft and soulful songs. You Are The Reason had everybody singing along, and his trio of acoustic songs, comprised of a moving rendition of Bob Dylan’s Not Dark Yet, Hotel Room and No Matter What, showed off his incredibly beautiful voice.

Over the course of the concert, Scott interacted with the audience many times. He high-fived some audience members and responded with “I love you too,” whenever a frenzied fan screamed it out loud. Scott even attempted some Cantonese, though he could work a little on his lei hou and dou zhe dai ga.

He also shared a few interesting anecdotes. “I wanted to write a song that would be relatable for everybody,” Scott said, regarding his song You Are The Reason. “And love is such a general topic, it’s such a topic that has no discrimination, no judgement, just pure old love. And I wrote this song for anybody who gets you out of bed and is your reason.”

Calum Scott shows his Hong Kong fans some love.
Photo: Universal Music

But it was No Matter What that really showed why Scott is so popular nowadays. He shared his story of realising his sexuality and coming out to the world in a way that made all members of the audience shed a tear.

“This is definitely the most personal song I’ve ever written. When I was writing my album Only Human, I’d written so many personal songs and for me songwriting was a kind of therapy. Every thing I’d gone through I used songwriting to capture that. And this song was definitely one of those big songs that I didn’t know if I was ready to share with the world. It was such a personal song that I didn’t want to put it on my album, and it was just sitting in my library.”

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Scott eventually published No Matter What, hoping it would serve as an anthem for those who were struggling with whether to come out. Finally, he ended the night with another hit single, Dancing On My Own and left with the crowd screaming for more.

Scott may have a beautiful voice and good looks, but one thing that he will be definitely be remembered for is his devotion to finally have equality for everybody, regardless of sexuality. His voice is one that can change the world.

Edited by Jamie Lam


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