K-pop boy band Wanna One shows off why they won 'Produce 101' season two with their One: The World performance [Review]

K-pop boy band Wanna One shows off why they won 'Produce 101' season two with their One: The World performance [Review]

The boy group formed from survival music show Produce 101 is silencing critics with their continued success


The 11-piece boy band entertained fans in Hong Kong with songs off their debut album.
Photo: Kennevia Photography

Wanna One’s World Tour One: The World is finally in Hong Kong after a long, long wait. The limited-edition boy group formed from the survival music show Produce 101 (Season 2) in 2017 held on to the goodwill generated from the show and put on one incredible show.

Held at AsiaWorld-Expo on July 28th and 29th, the boys showcased the collective talent that won them Best K-pop Artist 2017, as voted on by Korean entertainment industry professionals.

The act first featured Burn It Up, an EDM tarck with catchy lyrics and fierce dance moves. They continued the beat with Never, which was originally sung by the contestants of Produce 101 (Season 2) and then re-released by Wanna One in their debut album 1X1=1 (To Be One). The group then got up close and personal to some lucky fans by walking to the very edge of the stage while performing their debut song Energetic.

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Jin-young then kicked off their sizzling unit dance performances with a short solo dance, which was an introduction to their dance unit No.1 (with members Guanlin, Ji-hoon and Jin-young). They treated the audience to Eleven, a dreamy and seductive track with very gentle choreography.

Following No.1 was their ballad unit group Lean on me, consisting of their main vocalist Sung-woon, lead vocalist Min-hyun and Sub-vocalist Ji-sung. Their unit song Forever and a Day was produced by famed K-pop indie rock band Nell, and the song allowed the three members to each illustrate a part of the story with their unique voices.

The group went on to perform Boomerang and then started their first talking section, where the members introduced themselves in Cantonese and also talked about their feelings about performing in Hong Kong again.

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“Last year we performed in M.A.M.A (Mnet Asian Music Awards), which was held at the place we are standing right now,” their leader Ji-sung said. “It’s great to see our Wannables (Wanna One’s official fandom name) in this meaningful venue again.”

Their member Min-hyun also stated that it was because they received many awards from the award ceremony last year, which were Best New Male Group, Best Male Group and Best of Next Award, so they were really excited to see Wannables from Hong Kong again. 

The unit performances continued on as their third unit group The Heal (consisting of members Dae-hwi and Seong-wu) sang their ballad song Sandglass. As the female soloist wasn’t present at the concert, fans filled in the gaps willingly. Their last unit group Triple Position (consisting of members Daniel, Woo-jin and Jae-hwan) chose to go with Kangaroo, which is an upbeat song that compliments their youthful image.

The group also introduced themselves in Cantonese, much to the delight of their fans in Hong Kong.
Photo: Kennevia Photography

The highlight on the night came when the entire group sang Pick me (Nayana), the anthem of survival show Produce 101 (Season 2), where they began their career. Fans had mixed feelings as they were happy to think back about the happy days when the members where simply trainees on the show. But some also lamented how fast the year went.

Another highlight of the night was when a video showed some behind-the-scenes footage of Wanna One members daily lives. Nostalgia hit hard when the very last slide appeared saying, “Don’t blame the time flowing. Even though the time flows, we will be together.” This reminded fans not to be sad at the limited-edition group’s disbandment, which will happen at the end of year.

One more remarkable spot of the concert was that, several members of the team also showcased their mind-blowing dancing skills again, especially Min-hyun and Sung-woon.

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Daniel, an ace at B-boying, and Seong-wu who excels at popping, also deserve special mentions.

During their encore, Wanna One performed their newest track Light and also I.P.U (I Promise U), a B-side from their 0+1=1 (I Promise U) album. At the end of the concert, all members expressed their delight at performing in Hong Kong again. “I found Hong Kong more meaningful this time.” Guan-lin mentioned. Seong-wu and Dae-hwi both also told Wannables to wait for them to come back as a more striking Wanna One.

Time might be ticking, but it won’t stop Wanna One from shining on the stage, and bringing happiness to Wannables around the world, and especially Hong Kong.


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