K-pop band Momoland have a blast with Fun To The World [Review]

K-pop band Momoland have a blast with Fun To The World [Review]

Reality TV stars and K-pop nine-piece Momoland are back with their fourth mini album in two years, titled Fun To The World – a five-track EP full of upbeat, over-polished pop songs.

Opener BAAM is the most incisive track, with a bopping offbeat electro swing vibe, and a faux-brass keyboard line which is stylistically similar, and equally memorable, as Duck Sauce’s one-hit-wonder Barbra Streisand. Lyrically, the record starts as it means to go on, with a vague overview of angst-ridden romance, as Nancy and JooE sing together, “I look at you, remind me every night, oh why do I ever, I can’t hide, I keep seeing you like this”, for the most memorable chorus.

Understanding the phenomenon that is K-pop

VeryVery is a bit more downbeat in comparison, with gamer-pop synths, funky background guitars, and playful, earworm melodies to create the perfect party track. The pre-chorus offers the most personal lyric here: “I’m actually an honest girl, why is it so much to breathe in front of you?”, capturing the overwhelming emotions that come with a new crush.

Only One You is similarly downbeat, but is more indicative of early 00s R’n’B, playing into the girl group stereotype, and again relaying similar lyrical themes of uncontrollable feelings. On the other hand, Bingo Game tries to describe love life through a bingo game analogy, which really undermines the 5 Seconds Of Summer-esque pop-punk sonics, and smooth, harmonised melodies. The instrumental version of BAAM also feels relatively throwaway, with the only real merit being the detail and layers within the synth work being more apparent.

Momoland haven’t done anything particularly inventive, but they have nailed the quick-fire catchy pop song on occasion, which is a skill in itself.

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