After Camila Cabello's London performance as a solo artist, standards for concerts will ‘Never Be The Same’ again

After Camila Cabello's London performance as a solo artist, standards for concerts will ‘Never Be The Same’ again

The former member of girl group Fifth Harmony shows the crowd a personal side of her life, and tells us to be kind to ourselves


Camilla Cabello gives a stellar performance at the O2 in London on her first solo tour.
Photo: Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong

Camila Cabello’s London stop of her first solo tour was spectacular, and captured the hearts of every single super fan in attendance at the O2 Academy on Tuesday night.

From her flawless vocals to the Inception-inspired graphics light show playing on huge screens onstage, the concert was a powerful experience headlined by a powerhouse of a singer.

Dressed in a black glittering heroine costume, the former member of girl group Fifth Harmony showed she has the ability, confidence, and willpower to establish herself as a solo artist.

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Emerging from the dark after an intriguing opening video, the Cuban-Mexican songstress stunned the masses with a breathtaking rendition of Never Be the Same. Her characteristic lower register voice was punctuated with deliberate use of controlled falsetto, and the overall effect was addictive.

Cabello proves she's made for super stardom on the London leg of her Never Be The Same Tour.
Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong

Following the opening was the Beyonce-style She Loves Control, then the passionate up-tempo tropical pop song Inside Out,  and then Bad Things

All These Years was a strong emotive piece accompanied with a nifty two-person dance sequence, and Camila’s piano acoustic performance of the ballad Consequences cooled off the hyped-up crowd with her poignant yet mellow voice.

But the most personal part of the night began when she courageously recounted her struggles to break off a toxic relationship, which was her inspiration for Something’s Gotta Give. She gave a melancholic rendition of the ballad, complemented by clips of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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After choosing love over fear despite the two being in “constant battle”, she reminded her admirers about the importance of self-love, and asked them to treat themselves the way they’d treat a best friend.

“I just want you to make a promise to me that you’re gonna be so kind, so patient and so loving with yourself if you’re going through a tough time right now,” she urged, and her love was reciprocated by the teary-eyed fans who stuck out their pinky fingers in a gesture of promise.

Camila also invited everyone to sing "I’m going home and I’m trying" - a line from her unreleased song Scar Tissue - with her and encouraged them to confront old wounds and fears.  

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Other songs from her album included In the Dark, and when she performed this number, the crowd waved their mobiles - make-shift glow sticks - in the air from side to side. Die-hard fans joined in for her rendition of Real Friends, and the visually striking Into It was performed with a skillful break dance routine.    

Another special highlight of the night was the surprise guest appearance of Anne Marie, whose well-known Rockabye pumped up the atmosphere as soon as the music began. Sangria Wine was a favourite of many as well, as Camila showcased the challenging dance moves that go with the viral hit.

Camila brought a perfect close to the show with the her most well-knowned song Havana, the massive hit named after the city where she was born, and everyone sang along aloud in unison.

The sheer talent and genuine warmth of the 21-year-old pop sensation absolutely reaffirms she will reach new heights of success in her career in the future.

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