What is Love? K-pop sensation Twice have the answer in their fifth studio album [Review]

What is Love? K-pop sensation Twice have the answer in their fifth studio album [Review]

Strong memorable hooks and cool soul-pop vibes

In October, K-pop girl group sensation Twice released their hit debut album Twicetagram. Six months later, the band are back with their fifth EP, What Is Love ?

The record kicks off with the title track, a glitchy synth pop banger about finding the sort of love they’ve seen on screen – the music video recreates some famous romantic moments from the world of film. The infectiously catchy chorus is a real earworm.

With another strong chorus in Sweet Talker, it’s easy to see why Twice are so popular, jumping from gamer synths and acid beats, to rapping, to an effortlessly explosive chorus. Ho! meanwhile, has the same kind of neo-soul pop feel as Janelle Monae, along with handclaps, short brass stabs and another memorable hook.

Meet the K-pop songwriter who has written for EXO, Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet

Dejavu has some beautiful harmonies in the chorus. The rest of the song is a lot more R’n’B, with a dubstep mid-section thrown in. It’s not a bad song, but it’s a bit erratic in its stylistic changes.

Closer Say Yes evokes the same acoustic soul-pop vibe of early Christina Aguilera, as the girls sing about the anxieties that grow along with a blooming relationship.

What Is Love? digs a little further than your conventional love songs, giving a refreshing set of songs to use as Korean language tutorials.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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