WINNER doesn’t live up to their name with EVERYD4Y [Review]

WINNER doesn’t live up to their name with EVERYD4Y [Review]

Their highly-anticipated second album is sadly something of a letdown 

Four years after their number one debut album S/S, K-pop boy band WINNER are back with their follow-up EVERYD4Y.

Title track Everyday lays down the band’s intent in this album – minimal electro-synth arpeggios and simplistic half-time trap beats. The auto-tuned vocals and generic warble in the background sound like something you’d hear from Chris Brown or Young Thug.

Hello has the same Young Thug stylings, packed with a repetitive polyphonic ringtone sound and cheap imitations of ringing phones – and it proves to be one of the lowest points on the record.

For and We Were are the best moments here. For contains beautifully sweet classical guitar picking, while We Were slips back into more traditional K-pop territory, bouncing between angsty megaphone vocals and soft pop balladry.

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Raining has hints of Beyoncé, and Special Night is as funky and soulful as early Maroon 5. However, almost everything else here is ruined by the generic trap beats that are added in at any given opportunity. Air has a distinct tropical house vibe, and La La is pure lad chanting over a bouncy ska club beat – it’s a complete car crash.

Luxury sees more of the trap-pop hybrid, while Move Star and closer Have A Good Day gradually build into sparkly synth pop. Both include nice touches such as fluttering string lines to give an air of grandiosity.

Winner have played EVERYD4Y incredibly safe, and what they’ve made is an underwhelming product that has come out a loser.

Edited by Ginny Wong

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WINNER's album a bit of a loser


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