Hind’s second album I Don’t Run lacks lustre [Review] 

Hind’s second album I Don’t Run lacks lustre [Review] 

I Don’t Run is the second full-length from Spanish four-piece Hinds. While it offers more of the same, this new record is a little more rough around the edges compared their 2016 debut Leave Me Alone.

Opener The Club is simplistic, grungy garage rock, similar to acts like The Libertines, or the kind of raw fuzz you might hear from Kings of Leon’s earliest work. Soberland and Linda are more jangly indie pop with catchy guitar riffs.

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However, from this point on, the band quickly becomes formulaic in every aspect of their writing. Their lax approach and heavily distorted sounds become more and more unhinged, as the vocals become more strained in songs like TesterEchoing My Name and I Feel Cold But I Feel MoreTo The Morning Light even has a ropey atonal guitar lead that seems just as hastily performed and nauseating.

The only real standout here is lead single Finally Floating, which is the only impassioned performance from the band on the entire record, but still contains a lot of the same ingredients as the rest of the album.

I Don’t Run is an album as lacklustre as its name suggests.

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Hinds’ second album lacks lustre


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