Gloom-rockers Editors’ sixth album Violence is a small step in a better direction [Review]

Gloom-rockers Editors’ sixth album Violence is a small step in a better direction [Review]

Not quite as rewarding as their previous work, this album still has some hauntingly good tracks

Gloom-rockers Editors’ sixth effort Violence is a slight improvement on 2015’s In Dream, but still falls short of their earlier work.

The five-piece have been trying to strike a balance between dystopian electronic landscapes and big, Gothic anthems ever since 2009’s In This Light And On This Evening, and they pull it off perfectly with Cold, Hallelujah (So Low) and the title track.

Songs like Darkness At The Door and Counting Spooks are far less rewarding, though, with the former sounding majestic and bright, a vibe which, aside from a smooth vocal melody in the verses, comes across as incredibly forced and misplaced.

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Nothingness, which could equally have come from singer-songwriter Sohn, is a fitting name for a song which feels like a failed first attempt at the following track Magazine, which has all the same ingredients, but also the most powerful, electrifying chorus here.

No Sound But The Wind has a long and varied history – it topped the Belgian charts despite never being officially released, and is on the Twilight: New Moon OST – and this sombre piano-led version feels a fitting addition to the album.

Ending with their most theatrical track Belong, Violence is decent, but doesn’t quite have that killer punch.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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