Welcome return for rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Review]

Welcome return for rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Review]

American rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kick off 2018 with their eighth studio album, Wrong Creatures.

The short instrumental DFF sets the tone, with haunting echoed voices and simmering, tribal drumming, techniques used in many of the songs to create a hazy blend of grunge rock.

Spook and King Of Bones both feature driving drums which build into anthemic choruses.The only other punchy rock song here is Little Thing Gone Wild, which is dictated by a groovy bass line, pounding drums and an infectious chorus.

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The standout track is the emotionally-charged Echo, filled with ambient swells, a silky-smooth bass line and spine-tingling refrain: “Someday you will make it out, and you’ll feel your heart break the sound” from bassist Robert Been.

The rest of the album moves at a glacial pace, with songs like Haunt and Question Of Faith coming across more as atmospheres than structured rock songs, but the impact is just as gratifying. The only dud is the weird Circus Bazooko, their worst track to date.

Wrong Creatures is less a conventional rock album, and more a sonic experience. Even if it could benefit from a couple more upbeat tracks, this is BRMC at their most daring, and a welcome return.

Edited by Karly Cox

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Welcome return for rockers


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