K-pop sensation, Kard, have put out a solid album with their diverse beats [Review]

K-pop sensation, Kard, have put out a solid album with their diverse beats [Review]

Kard's latest album, You & Me, has reached top 10 in the charts

Following the success of their debut release Hola Hola in July last year, K-pop four-piece Kard recently reached the top 10 in the charts with their second mini album You & Me.

Into You opens the six-track record, with chiming piano chords and a soft, reflective vocal from lead singer Somin, before matching the style of Evanescense’s Amy Lee over powerful, techno-led EDM choruses.

The closing track, Trust Me, has a similar vibe with its minimal approach, and mellow, sparkly piano chords, but with a more a more interesting chorus. The cutting brass fades and high strings add an element of excitement to the mix, as the half-time electro drums create a relaxed atmosphere. BM’s rap also comes across as heartfelt sincere, and full of energy.

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Elsewhere, Push & Pull isn’t too far removed from Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You with its steel drum motif and electro pop bounce, whose simple, repetitive chorus stand out with its catchiness.

The only let down here is You In Me; with its incessant vocal samples and reggaeton beat, it sounds like every generic pop song that’s come out over the past three years.

Nevertheless, Kard have put out a quality record, leaving us guessing where they’ll go next.

Edited by Ben Young

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