Tamar Braxton’s Bluebird of Happiness is an album that soars [Review]

Tamar Braxton’s Bluebird of Happiness is an album that soars [Review]

Her fifth album draws inspiration from events in her own life, making it a raw and intimate work of art

Tamar Braxton’s fifth album, Bluebird of Happiness, is a work of love and realness that showcases the strength of a woman.

Having been through considerable obstacles since the release of her last album, Calling All Lovers, including life-threatening health problems and being fired from a talk show, Braxton pours her heart into this album in an attempt to inspire others going through hardships.

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The album opens with My Forever, an elusive and delicate track with a 90s R&B vibe in which Braxton vividly expresses her love for her husband and child. However, my favourite track is lead single My Man, a song about the divorce of
her parents and the hurt that followed.

Because Tamar co-wrote each of the songs in the album, in many ways it feels like an intimate conversation with the artist.

If you are looking for an album about love, and authenticity, combined with phenomenal vocal performances, then Bluebird of Happiness is an excellent choice.

Edited by Ben Young

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Bluebird is an album that soars


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