St Vincent’s Masseduction is full of variety and infectious sounds [Review]

St Vincent’s Masseduction is full of variety and infectious sounds [Review]

The experimental art-rocker’s fifth album is as good as anything else she’s produced before

On her fifth album, Masseduction, experimental art-rocker St Vincent gives her most emotive, and varied record to date.

The groovy lead single Los Ageless is a clear stand-out, showing Annie Clark at her songwriting best, providing the infectious chorus, “How can anybody have you? How can anybody have you and lose you? How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind?” over fuzzy descending guitar tones and a straight, fizzy electronic beat.

New York also preceded the album’s release but is a complete contrast in sound with mellow piano chords, as Clark pens the reflective “I have lost a hero, I have lost a friend, but for you darling, I’d do it all again.”

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Happy Birthday, Johnny, Smoking Section and the string quartet-led Slow Disco all fall under the same moving aesthetic, with her vocals and message being far more direct than her last self-titled album.

St Vincent also pushes further in the opposite direction with songs like Young Lover, Fear The Future and Sugarboy, which are entrenched in chaotic, almost industrial rhythms, dirty synths and her signature fuzz guitar sounds. Although this style is more traditionally associated with her, each song captures a new level of intensity.

Other songs show a lighter side too, with Pills sounding as playful as Gwen Stefani, or the title-track being as dancey as Prince, while the chorus of opener Hang On Me contains the dreamlike qualities of Kate Bush.

Masseduction is full of solid songs, and portrays St Vincent’s full personality.

Edited by Ginny Wong

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