Bebe Rexha on Louis Tomlinson, the Disney Channel and her next EP

Bebe Rexha on Louis Tomlinson, the Disney Channel and her next EP

Last week on her flying visit to Hong Kong, the American singer-songwriter talks about having collaborated with some of the biggest names out there, including 1D’s Louis and Justin Bieber


Rexha says her new EP will be something of a surprise to her fans.
Photo: Landmark

Bebe Rexha has written songs for megastars like Justin Bieber, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Rihanna. Young Post was lucky enough to speak to the rising singer-songwriter and pop star before her performance at The Landmark in Central earlier this month …

Have you got anything special planned for your show?

I’ll doing my usual set – I’ll wear my crazy outfits and just rock out. I’m very excited because I know there are a lot of fans out here in Hong Kong. I’m excited to see who’s in the audience, and to meet some of them afterwards.

Does performing come to you as naturally as songwriting?

Absolutely. I remember watching the Disney Channel and wanting to be a princess and singing along. I begged my mum to buy me a cheap keyboard from the supermarket. I’ve just loved music ever since I was little. Writing a song, being able to perform it, seeing people singing along … you just can’t compare that [with anything else]. It’s just the best feeling.

Out of all the artists you’ve written for, who’s been the easiest to work with?

Louis Tomlinson! He’s just so chill, down to earth, and cool. He knows what he wants, and he doesn’t let the little things get to him. He’s just very calm, with no ego, and I think that’s when the best stuff comes out.

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Are there any songs you’ve written for others that you wish you’d kept for yourself?

I have my moments, but I think it’s a bit like looking back at an ex, and thinking “yeah, whatever”. When you first give a song away it’s tough sometimes, because you love it. When you look back, you can have respect for it, but you’ve moved on. Some songs I’ve been upset about [letting go of], but now I know that those songs have helped on my journey to getting here.

Are you working on any new music?

I’ve found this new sound. It’s not too urban, or too rhythmic, or too dancey. I think I’ve found my style, and that’s what this next EP will be. I think it’s going to be very surprising to my fans, people might love it or hate it. I’m really excited.

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What’s been your biggest “pinch yourself” moment?

When I recently bought my dad a coffee and he said, “I’m so proud of you.” I asked why and he replied, “Because you flew me out to LA, with your own money, and you bought me this cup of coffee with music.” I thought that was such a beautiful thing.

What do you dream about for the future?

I’ve had a lot of success with collaborators, so it’s now just putting my own stuff out and solidifying myself as an artist and having a voice. It’s not just about having hit records, it’s about standing for something, and becoming distinctive. I want people to know – that’s Bebe Rexha.

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