Taylor Swift new single Gorgeous sees singer return to theme of love, boys and cats

Taylor Swift new single Gorgeous sees singer return to theme of love, boys and cats

Get ready to put this on infinite repeat, because this striking and direct return to the themes of love and beautiful boys will leave you intoxicated

Fans weren't sure if they'd get another single from Taylor Swift before her highly-anticipated sixth studio album Reputation drops on November 10, but it looks like she loves them too much to make them wait any longer. It's here, and its drop dead Gorgeous.

Written with long-time collaborators Shellback and Max Martin, Gorgeous is another certified bop for the ages. With an electro-pop sound bed, the song is both slick yet dreamy, and sees Swift returning to the themes of love and boys with beautiful blue eyes. 

Filled with strikingly direct lyrics that will no doubt be dissected and deciphered in minutes by shrewd fans, Gorgeous tells the story of longing for a boy but not being able to talk to him. Why? Because he's just so gorgeous. It's in equal measures playful, wistful and deeply intoxicating.

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Fans will no doubt also be thrilled that Swift’s beloved cats Meredith and Olivia finally get a mention in a song, in Gorgeous’ amusing lyric: “Guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats…alone. Unless you want to come along”.

The Queen of Snakes teased the track on her Instagram account last night with three pink-themed posts, one of which was a short video giving a snippet of the song.


A lyric video has been released to go with the single, which uses the same newspaper-style text that appears on the Reputation album artwork, and the same magenta pink featured on the recent Instagram posts.

While there’s no music video yet, Swift was seen filming in various locations around London, Britain, last weekend, including a kebab shop in north London and on a night bus around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square (SO glamorous). Could the video be for Gorgeous?

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Swift has also begun hosting her famous secret sessions, where she invites long-time fans to listen to the new record before its release. She held the first listening party for Reputation in London on October 13, and a second in Rhode Island, US, on Wednesday night.

Fans who were lucky enough to get an invitation to either one of the secret sessions have been sharing their thoughts about Gorgeous online, saying that it epitomises the sound of the rest of the album. If that's the case, Reputation is going to be an absolute titan of a record. November 10 cannot come soon enough.

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