Ed Sheeran has postponed his Hong Kong gigs ... now what?

Ed Sheeran has postponed his Hong Kong gigs ... now what?

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Don't stay away too long, Ed!
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One option is to check out Clockenflap which features headliners such as Feist (pictured), Prodigy, and Pond.
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Ed Sheeran announced this morning that his upcoming gigs in Asia would be postponed, following a cycling accident at the weekend. He was due to play in Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo and Hong Kong as part of his Divide tour, starting in Taiwan on Sunday.

Sheeran fractured his right wrist and left elbow, making it pretty much impossible for an artist who shuns backing bands to put on a show.

It's not yet clear when the gigs will be rescheduled - promoters said ticket holders were encouraged to wait for further information about upcoming shows - but one thing is certain: anyone who had managed to score tickets to the sold-out Hong Kong dates now have an extra free evening. (Thanks to YP cadets Daniel Storey and Harrison Rock for their suggestions!)

If you'd rather not spend that bonus time revising (though it's not a bad distraction), here are seven other things you could do with your time that weekend.

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1. The Big Picnic (10am-10pm, November 4)

You might not catch any international stars, but this annual event at Discovery Bay features a range of local acts, from student bands to DJs and long-established rockers, as well as the YRock final, which will see which youth band gets to perform at Clockenflap! There's also loads of food, a market, and a generally awesome atmosphere.
Details: The Big Picnic HK

2. Lamma Fun Day (11am-11pm, November 4)

More music, more entertainment and more food, plus games, auctions and fundraising for charity on Hong Kong's most chilled island.
Details: Lamma Fun Day Facebook page

3. Alfresco Africa (3pm, November 4, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay; November 5, Cultural Centre Piazza)

As part of this year's World Cultures Festival, which features musicians, dancers, actors and more from across Africa, Ethiopia's Fekat Circus will give two free performances, demonstrating their incredible coordination and acrobatic skill. You don't see Sheeran balancing a guitar on his chin, now, do you?
World Festival 2017

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4. Spend time with superheroes

The latest, long-awaited Avengers movie is out this week. Thor: Ragnarok promises all the action and adrenaline of its predecessors, but with quirky Kiwi director Taika Waititi at the helm, this film promises more laughs than ever.

5. Throw a Bonfire Night party

In Britain, November 5 is Bonfire Night, or Fireworks Night, or Guy Fawkes Night. It commemorates the night a group of protestors attempted to kill the king by blowing up the Houses of Parliament. To celebrate the fact His Majesty had survived, people lit bonfires around London.

Today, people mark the occasion with a bonfire, jacket potatoes cooked in that fire, and fireworks displays, usually wrapped up in their warmest coats, scarves and gloves. While you can't hold your own fireworks displays in Hong Kong (and you definitely won't need a woolly hat), you could organise a barbecue at your favourite BBQ site, or go camping, and watch the stars, nature's own fireworks display.

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6. Pack up your troubles, and your favourite sandwiches

Organise a picnic with your Ed-loving friends on what could be the last nice weekend before serious winter weather (well, as wintry as Hong Kong gets). Don't forget to create a playlist featuring lots of Sheeran, and a wireless, battery-operated speaker.

7. Clockenflap

If you can't bear the uncertainty of when you might get to see your idol, remember that there are some pretty major acts from around the world coming just a few days after Ed's cancelled concerts. 

Check out our preview here and ticketing info at the official Clockenflap website.

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