Angus & Julia Stone’s new album Snow is brilliant, but not their best [Review]

Angus & Julia Stone’s new album Snow is brilliant, but not their best [Review]

Having built a reputation for making simple, catchy indie folk songs over the past decade, Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone offer more of the same with their fourth album Snow.

The gentle electric guitar, bright summery synth and dreamy, nostalgic “la-la-la-la” on the title track are almost trademark for the pair. Chateau is another great track, with high string plucks, a melodic bass line and pretty vocals. But elsewhere, Angus and Julia change up their usual formula.

Plenty of mellow tracks a real treat [Review]

Both Oakwood and Sleep Alone are more drum-heavy, and form a slightly darker, atmospheric mood. Baudelaire takes it further, and feels worlds away from the bright optimism at the start of the album. Cellar Door is more urgent, verging on a dance beat, and Make it out Alive uses muted strings alongside spoken vocals, rather than Angus’ usual melodies. There are a few missteps though: Who Do You Think You Are becomes tiresome by the end, Bloodhound is a complete throwaway, and Sylvester Stallone is instantly forgettable.

Snow has some brilliant songs, but it just falls short of the duo’s previous work.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

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Snow falls short of previous work


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