Why Supper Moment is all about live music and how each new album 'destroys' them

Why Supper Moment is all about live music and how each new album 'destroys' them

The Cantopop band, set to play Clockenflap this year, discuss their new album and Hong Kong's live music scene.


When they're not writing, rehearsing or performing, Supper Moment's Sunny (left) Hugh, Martin and CK say they enjoy taking time out for a game of basketball.
Photo: Andy Schallenberger/SCMP

Cantopop band Supper Moment are masters of reinvention; made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Sunny Chan, lead guitarist Martin Leung, bass guitarist CK Cheung, and drummer Hugh Chan, the group have been evolving since they first formed in 2006 and have a string of Hong Kong chart-topping hits to their name.

“Every time we create a new album, we destroy and rebuild our ‘self’,” Sunny told Young Post when we caught up with group.

The pop-rock band will be playing at tonight’s Dr. Martens: Stand for Something Hong Kong concert at Music Zone, E-Max, along with artists such as Site Access, Maniac, Empty, Per Se and Tang Siu-hau. They will also be performing at Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival on November 19.

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And the feel and sound of a live performance is exactly what they want to channel into their new album.

“We want the 10 songs on our upcoming album to feel like a set list of a live show" said Sunny. “We want listeners to feel like they’re watching us live.”

Several of the songs on the upcoming record, including Farewell, All as One, and Muse “all have a music vibe very close to those of a live show” said Sunny.

Supper Moment performing for the New Year count down at the Times Square in Causeway Bay last year.
Photo: Martin Chan/SCMP

“You’d know right away in what sort of settings the song will be played” he added.

The new album will follow Supper Moment’s recently released EP Muse, which is also the name of the EP’s lead single. Sunny said the song’s musical arrangement was all about recreating the atmosphere of a music festival or arena show.

 “It is a highly energetic song, and we cannot wait to experiment with it at Clockenflap,” Sunny revealed excitedly. 

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As well as sonic changes, Supper Moment has also been focusing on “enhancing the visual effects” of their music videos.

“We have experimented by adding animation and into the [music video for Muse]. It is something that is very new to us, and difficult to pull off as we rarely have songs or production teams that are suitable for an animated MV.”

Asked about the lack of music venues for rising talent in Hong Kong, Sunny said it’s important to “raise the public awareness of live house culture because we need them [live houses] to foster the music industry’s development in Hong Kong.”

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He added that live house is crucial for local musicians to build up their confidence.   

“Before you can sing in front of 30 thousand people, you must learn how to sing in front of three or 30 people – and live house is the place to practice.”

Hugh also noted that it’s up to audiences to nurture live house culture in the city.

“Try not to be too fussy when choosing which live shows to attend” was the drummer’s advice. “In many instances, people screen out shows by musicians they don’t know, and only go to those with whom they’re familiar.”

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Concert-goers, said Hugh, have the power to shape Hong Kong’s live music scene.

“If we can start spending a Friday or Saturday evening going to random music shows and make it a habit, the demand for live house will increase,” he said.

With the Supper Moment’s devotion to the live music scene, it seems only fitting that their new record pays homage to the experience of seeing a live performance.

What’s more, the band haven’t ruled out showcasing some of the songs from the upcoming record at Clockenflap - which means fans may just get to hear the new songs exactly as they were intended to be heard. 

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge


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