Local rock band Tri-Accident’s recent wins at Parsons Music Awards are just the beginning

Local rock band Tri-Accident’s recent wins at Parsons Music Awards are just the beginning

We talk to the members of local rock band Tri-Accident about the inspiration behind their debut album


(From left) Zing Chee, Johnny Chiu, Alexander Tong and Cyrus Tse feel that Pointless Filler is just the beginning.
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This weekend saw the physical release of Pointless Filler, the highly anticipated debut album by Hong Kong rock band Tri-Accident, who marked the occasion with a special release show at Hang Out in Sai Wan Ho. The four members caught up with Young Post ahead of their headline slot to talk about the inspiration behind their album, and their journey so far.

“The song Complicated definitely captures the theme of the album,” explains guitarist and vocalist Johnny Chiu. “It’s about getting lost in this type of daily struggle, when actually all I want is to have a simple life.”

The band had previously stated the album is a collection of songs inspired by the confusion of every day life in an ever-changing world.

One song, Asian Fusion, appeared on their 2015 three-track EP, and reappears here.

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Chiu explained, “It expresses our humble need of simple food made with heart! We have been touring with these songs since then, so they have been road-tested, and have grown with us, so we thought there should be a place for them on the album.”

Tri-Accident recently won two coveted Parsons Music Awards: Chiu received the Guitar Award, while the band was honoured with the Band Legend Award. “We were so happy for Johnny when he won, as we all admire him so much as a player, and for his hard work,” said frontman Alexander Tong.

Despite being so busy, the quartet made time to mark their success. “Winning the Band Legend Award is testimony to the effort we have put in as a group, so to celebrate, we actually sat down to have a meal together.”

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Chiu and Tong feel that Pointless Filler is just the beginning for the quartet. “With this CD we hope to reach more people, and really establish our own followers,” said Chiu.

Tong adds that they did a regional tour of the Pearl River Delta region earlier this year, and soon plan to cover the whole of southern China. “We’re playing at Music China Shanghai 2017 next month as well, and we see Southeast Asia being a potential prospect too.”

For the CD launch, the band pulled in local artists Cow Head and Subyub Lee to make the show a memorable one. “It will be special because they are our friends, and they will literally be playing alongside us on stage, instead of just playing separately,” says Tong. “It’s in line with our core belief of using music to interact, to connect with people, and to create new music through spontaneity.”

The singer also had some words of wisdom for the next generation of musicians. “Talent only attracts envy; hard work gains respect”. Take note, musos.

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Nothing accidental in this band’s success


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