Milkmouth’s Not Wasted is not a waste of time [Review]

Milkmouth’s Not Wasted is not a waste of time [Review]

Formerly known as Jaded, the Hong Kong rock quartet Milkmouth have just released their highly-anticipated debut EP Not Wasted. And it’s good.

Her Burning Chest opens the EP with all the grit of Nirvana, while frontman Zaine Dada’s brooding vocals forebode “He’s waiting for a broken heart”.

The guitar work of Dada and co-frontman Adam Sinclair weaves together as the song climaxes, leading perfectly into That’s You. Again, there’s a strong Nirvana vibe, but Sinclair’s vocals are far softer, and the lyrics more evasive.

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The title track is firmly set in its college rock roots, before the screams in the chorus give real depth and emotion.

You & Your Craving’s is more post-punk, as Dada reverts to the sinister, layered stylings of the first track, the guitars sounding as punchy as Feeder.

The noise rock of Urge allows some explorative guitar work, and Grow Up is an upbeat punk track certain to be a live favourite, but neither reach the high standards of the rest of the record.

If they focus even more on the emotion, and on creating their own unique sound, Milkmouth will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

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