Look What You Made Me Do - the old Taylor Swift is dead, the new one is angry

Look What You Made Me Do - the old Taylor Swift is dead, the new one is angry

You okay, Taylor?


Reputation will usher in a whole new Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift is back, and she’s angry. The bad blood is flowing freely in her new single, Look What You Made Me Do. 

Taylor dropped the song, accompanied by a moody black-and-red lyric video, at noon today (Hong Kong time). 

On first listen, the song produces mixed feelings. It has a dance-pop style similar to Tay's 1989, but this is no Shake It Off. Gone is the joyous and care-free vibe; this is pure pop, and pure revenge.

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By the second or third listen, however, you're reminded of why Taylor is so good at what she does; be prepared for the refrain "Look what you made me do" to repeat itself in your head for the rest of the month. 

We know Taylor loves playing with lyrics, and these are pretty dark. At one point, Taylor sings, "I'm sorry, the old Taylor Swift can't come to the phone right now. Why? 'Cause she's dead."

The possible candidates as to who this song could be about is rather long (Tay herself sings "I've got a list of names and your is red, underlined") but fans seem to think the likeliest victim is Kanye West.

Look What You Made Me Do is Taylor's first round of shots fired. And if Reputation promises more of the same, Taylor has a lot of bullets in her belt. 


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