Australian band Splashh are set to make a, er, splash in Hong Kong this summer

Australian band Splashh are set to make a, er, splash in Hong Kong this summer

The indie band might have never played in Asia before, but they can’t wait because it’s “going to be wild”


Australian indie band Splashh can't wait to perform in front of Hong Kong crowds.

After making their name on stages across Europe, Australian indie band Splashh are about to dip their toes into Asia for the first time. But before the band brings their sunny garage rock sound to Hong Kong this week, Young Post caught up with frontman and guitarist Sasha Frantz Carlson to talk about their new album Waiting A Lifetime, touring, and why the quartet likes to be in control of their sound and image.

What has the response to Waiting A Lifetime been?

It’s been good. A lot of people knew the [words to our] songs in the last tour we did through Europe and Britain. I don’t really read too much press about the album, but so far it’s been pretty positive. I’m just excited to have some songs out there.

What’s been the best show so far?

The London show was really good. A lot of people came out to it. We played a festival in France too, which was great. We haven’t been on the road for ages, so it was just good to get out there and play for people again. All the shows have been great.

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You took a “self-imposed exile” to write in New York and London to bring about a new dimension to your sound. Did you succeed?

For sure. We’d been playing the same songs for almost two years, and I was starting to feel a little fed-up of London. I moved to New York and met [synth player] Jaie. I really enjoyed being there – the whole atmosphere helped shape the new record, and it was quite liberating to meet new people and new musicians. The whole experience worked for us. Being divided between New York and London was fun, and I think it came through in the new stuff.

You direct and film your own videos. Is that something you’ve always wanted to do?

As a band, we have a pretty strong idea of what we want the artistic direction to be. We have a clear idea of how we want to be perceived, and we don’t really like the label working for us coming up with ideas. It’s our band, so it’s our vision. Luckily [guitar/synth player] Toto filmed a lot when he was a kid, so he knows how to work all the programmes.

Which songs sound best live?

Look Down to Turn Away is going down really well, I really enjoy playing that song. Rings is hard to play, but that really gets people going. We’ve only been playing about five songs from the new record, but we’re introducing more and more of them to the set.

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This is your first Asia tour – will this be your first time in Hong Kong?

Yes – none of us have been to Asia before. I’m really excited to play for the Hong Kong fans. It’s going to be wild.

What we can expect from your show here? Can you give any clues to the “surprises” you’ve hinted at on Facebook?

[We’ll play] some new songs for the first time, and we’ll have some cool visuals. I’m not going to give away too much, but it’s going to be a good show.

Splashh play MOM Livehouse tomorrow at 8pm. See for tickets

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