Psy is back with more of the same ... for the 8th time [Review]

Psy is back with more of the same ... for the 8th time [Review]

YouTube-dominating K-pop king Psy is back with his appropriately titled eighth studio album, 4x2=8.

Opener I Luv It shows Psy at his most pop, with a Blurred Lines-inspired rhythm underneath synths and a playful chorus, before he plunges headfirst into his latest mega-single, New Face. The duck-like horns quack throughout the electro-swing track, which has a chorus that will undoubtedly stick in our heads for months.

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From here, Psy mixes up the styles – but not always for better. Last Scene has an unexpected Latin feel, pairing jazz guitar with an early 00s R&B chorus. The end result isn’t great. Bomb mixes Bollywood with the same glitches we hear in Drake’s music, while Fact has more of a nightclub feel in its minimalist beats. It features a guest contribution from G Dragon who, sadly, doesn’t bring much to Psy’s trademark sound.

For the casual listener or K-pop newbie, 4x2=8 is a pretty dreadful record, but any hardcore Psy fans are likely to be satisfied with all the new tracks as well as the other ideas thrown in to the mix.

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