HK punk band The Jaded talk about live shows, parachute pants and Lion Rock

HK punk band The Jaded talk about live shows, parachute pants and Lion Rock

Local four-piece punk band The Jaded chat to Chris Gillett about their fond memories of Lion rock, singer Adam Sinclair’s taste in stage outfits, and the many name changes their band has gone through


The punk rockers performed at this year's Lion Rock festival for the third time.

Hong Kong punk band The Jaded are just “trying to connect with people”, or so said the drummer and ex-CityU student Jose Urbano, when he spoke to Young Post about their songwriting process. “If they’re feeling something, we want them to understand that everyone else feels the same way too, and they’re not alone.”

The four-piece came together after they graduated from high school, all sharing love for the same bands.

“We started out as buskers, but as time went on we found that we had bit of a punk rock, grunge sound going on, and we really liked it,” said singer and guitarist Zaine Dada, who is a SCAD student. The group went through a few names in their earlier days, like The Temporary – “That was a temporary name!” – and The Mung. “I told the audience that was our name,” CityU student, bassist and singer Adam Sinclair laughed. “I regretted it as soon as I said it.” Finally, they settled on The Jaded.

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The band are notorious for putting on interesting live shows. They performed at this year’s Lion Rock Music Festival for the third time, where Sinclair, 21, wore some particularly eye-catching parachute pants.

“I didn’t think they’d create such a lasting impression,” he confessed.

“I kept telling him they were the best pants he’s ever worn,” Urbano, 22, added. “We need to find out where he’s buying them from.” The band have fond memories of the annual festival.

“We realised, when we were playing, people really loved our music and our presence on stage. That really got to us,” said Dada, who is 21.

Sinclair agreed. “The first time we played, some of the kids there said they were going to come back for us. They did too. That was amazing.” Dada added that was why they like to play at the festival so much.

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The rockers went on to speak about some of their favourite moments playing live.

“The best gig we ever did was at a church, where everyone pretty much went wild,” Urbano said. “We were blown away by them – one guy even dove off the stage!”

“At our first Lion Rock,” Sinclair added, “We put on balaclavas for our first song, and we played Smells Like Teen Spirit [by Nirvana]. Everyone went nuts.”

So what’s next for The Jaded? The band are planning on release their debut EP, Not Wasted, in the summer – “We recorded it already, it’s just being mixed at the moment,” Urbano revealed. The six track record was recorded by Lawrence Tsui at GIG Studios in Kwai Chung over several sessions. “Lawrence was very specific, and he’d tell us to keep doing something again and again, until it was perfect.”

“We learnt a lot about what we need to do to make a good recording,” Zaine agreed. Urbano, Dada, Sinclair, and Patrick Agabon – the 23-year-old bassist and CityU student – are all very excited by the EP’s impending release.

“Right now, we’re a bit of an underground group,” Sinclair said. “But once we have our EP out, more people will know what our general ‘band sound’ is, and if they know that, we’re more likely to get gigs. So we’re releasing the EP first. That’ll start the ball rolling for us.”

Edited by Ginny Wong

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