Big Bang has Made a comeback of sorts with three new songs [Review]

Big Bang has Made a comeback of sorts with three new songs [Review]

After 15 months, Big Bang’s new album, Made, is finally complete. Three new songs have been added to the eight tracks released a year ago to make up what is the K-pop quintet’s most varied and exciting album yet.

The boys show off their wide-ranging styles: brash and cocky in Zutter, seductive in Bae Bae, fun-loving in We Like 2 Party and hopelessly heartbroken in If You. Rapper T.O.P does a lot more solo singing in this record, lending a lot more texture to several of the songs.

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Girlfriend, a soppy piece about the title subject, is the weakest of the three new songs, but ballad Last Dance manages to be both melancholic and uplifting.

Its theme of departure, and lyrics like “The world goes on just fine without me” point to the inevitable moment when the group will have to temporarily disband as its members complete their mandatory military service after their tour. T.O.P’s deep, solid voice heightens the nostalgia, while Taeyang’s powerhouse vocals in the chorus keep us optimistic as he promises to return one day. Let’s hope that day will come soon.

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