Princess of pop, Britney Spears is back in all her Glory [Review]

Princess of pop, Britney Spears is back in all her Glory [Review]

Britney Spears' highly anticipated new album Glory lives up to the hype. It may be the best piece of work the pop princess has ever put together.

After the unsatisfying performance of 2013's Britney Jean, her team must have finally realised that the Britney army is sick and tired of heavily auto­tuned and forgettable club songs. So this album evokes I'm A Slave 4 U-era Britney, while proving the 34­-year-­old can keep it fresher than any teenage popstar.

One of the best tracks has to be bass­-heavy banger Do You Wanna Come Over? The beat is reminiscent of Britney and Madonna's classic duet Me Against The Music, and is incredibly danceable. Britney's vocals sound as natural as they get in the song, which adds to the honesty when she declares "nobody should be alone if they don't have to be".

Slumber Party is another highlight. It's very catchy, very modern, very Pia Mia, very something Chris Brown would jump on, but when Britney does it, she takes it to the next level.

Britney's recent albums sounded like they were sticking to a formula, but Glory has entered new territory. From the smooth opener Invitation to snazzy exit Coupure Electrique, this might be her best collection yet.

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