Flo Rida on connecting with his Chinese fans

Flo Rida on connecting with his Chinese fans

The Wild Ones rapper talks to Young Post about embracing new artists and connecting with foreign fans


Flo Rida puts on a show to remember, something he’s been proudly doing since day one of his entertainment career.
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Flo Rida has a reputation for being the life and soul of the party, and he made no exception when he jetted into Macau for a performance ahead of his mainland tour. The rapper made it big in 2008, after his song Low topped the charts and packed dance floors. But despite having performed the track hundreds of times since then, he says he’s still not tired of it.

“Every time I perform it’s like the very first time I’ve played Low,” he says. “From little babies to grown adults – they’re all moving. That’s one thing about a Flo Rida show: since day one to this day, I get the party going.” Decked out in dark shades and big gold boots, the 36-year-old certainly looked the part when he and his entourage hung out with Young Post.

What are you most excited about for your tour of mainland China?

Definitely meeting some of the fans who have been hitting me up on social media telling me they’re coming to the shows. I’m definitely excited about it. I’m a guy who loves to shop so I wouldn’t mind going to get me some new gear or get some souvenirs to take back home for my friends and family.

His Macau performance was up to his usual thrilling, crowd moving standards.
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After rapping on a G-Dragon Heartbreaker remix, can you see yourself revisiting K-pop?
Most definitely. It was a very exciting experience working with my brother G-Dragon. I always look forward to working with new artists, and artists outside America. Shout out to G-Dragon! I wouldn’t mind doing another record.

How was it working with Jason Derulo?

That was a dream collaboration. He’s from my hometown, and he’s very passionate and successful. I embrace him because I’m always trying to spend my career working with greatness, and he’s definitely great. I had an amazing time shooting the video with him out in Miami. It’s just amazing watching him onstage – I’ve watched him playing in stadiums and perform in clubs – he goes out there every night like it’s his last performance.

Nelly did Millionaire, you then came out with Zillionaire. Was that deliberate one-upmanship?

Much love to Nelly! He’s definitely an inspiration. Zillionaire [is about how] I’ve been very successful with my career, I’m just dreaming beyond the clouds. With this record, I show a more melodic side to myself – like with My House. But the song Zillionaire is me dreaming big.

A Kpop collab with G-dragon isn't impossible, says Flo Rida.
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Could you see the two of you working together? You hinted at this on Twitter recently.
Of course I wouldn’t mind working with him. I haven’t made any plans, but he’s another person who inspires me, as he is so legendary. I’d definitely open my arms to working with him.

What would a zillion dollars buy you?

It’s not what it’d buy me, it’s what I’d do for people I don’t even know. I just love surprising people and seeing the joy on their faces, especially if they’re going through a tough time. I’d probably ride around in a helicopter throwing out money.

How would Low be different if you’d written it today?

I’d probably just make sure those girls got even lower! Nah, I wouldn’t change it at all. T Pain is an amazing writer and performer. That record changed my life, took me all around the world to places I never thought I’d go. So I wouldn’t change it.

Heyo to the Hong Kong rapmaster

How will you be celebrating your birthday?
I never really make plans for my birthday. I think it’ll just be organic, it’ll be turnt in my house.

What’s your favourite Snapchat filter?

Honestly, I don’t really like using the filters – I like it to be organic to my friends, I don’t believe in filters. I just love putting the location where I’m at.

What is your signature dance move?

You’ll have to come to one of my shows! I have so many. My go-to is “put ya hands up” [waves one arm].

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Flo Rida riding high ahead of mainland tour


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