Rising R&B star Abra conjures magic on new EP Princess [Review]

Rising R&B star Abra conjures magic on new EP Princess [Review]

Abra is one of the few artists who can be said to have defined a genre. With her crisp, textural vocals, she continues the darkness heard on her last effort, Rose, with her new, more defined EP, Princess.

The seven new songs blend R&B with electronica and rock, and channel themes of female empowerment, self-reliance, and focusing on her career. This tough attitude is particularly obvious on second track Vegas, as she bluntly describes what goes through her mind on a typical night out. “If you wanna roll the dice on me, okay. If you think you can afford it, come play,” she sings.

Abra hits her stride with the independence anthem Big Boi: while Beyoncé tells her ex to head “to the left” and out the door, Abra is more direct. The song is an argument with a boyfriend who acts tough, which doesn’t impress the singer. If you’re not the right guy for Abra, you’re going to get put in your place.

Great songs and small details, like the casual backing vocals, and use of pitch variation, make Princess a uniquely satisfying summer listen..


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