Matt Corby’s sumptuous, gritty, atmospheric debut [Review]

Matt Corby’s sumptuous, gritty, atmospheric debut [Review]

Five successful EPs and nine years after his Australian Idol stint, Matt Corby has finally released his debut album Telluric. A lot of the record was created while the 25-year-old isolated himself for six months learning new instruments and writing.

It’s a gritty, atmospheric album full of interesting soundscapes. From the spacey Belly Side Up, gospel-infused a cappella piece Monday to the futuristic pop-psychedelia piece Sooth Lady Wine, all songs offer their own surprises while still keeping a cohesive sound.

“Ahh I’m selfish, self-centered and a little bit narcissistic,” Corby croons along to meandering bass riffs in Knife Edge, a catchy song about being nervous around a love interest. Perhaps it’s because he’s so absorbed in himself that he is able to create such original sounds. It’s easy to get lost in the rich vocal layers of Oh Oh Oh and Monday, while the groovy We Could Be Friends and Sooth Lady Wine are sure to get you moving. The stripped back Good To Be Alone is a standout, heart-wrenching post-break-up ballad with solo guitar accompaniment.

It feels at times that Corby doesn’t reach his full potential – after all, he only just learned some of the instruments. But Telluric is still a remarkable debut well worth listening to.

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Sumptuous, gritty, atmospheric debut


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