Charli XCX brings us brainless beats for some summer fun [Review]

Charli XCX brings us brainless beats for some summer fun [Review]

Charli XCX’s third studio album is rumoured to come out this year, but if her new EP Vroom Vroom is to be of any indication, the British singer songwriter hasn’t really grown up since releasing Sucker two years ago.

Don’t expect any lyrical depth; the four new songs seemed to be written by eavesdropping on the bickering conversations of school girls and throwing random lines together. “Ice cubes on our tongues because we like to keep it freezy,” goes Vroom Vroom. “If I share my secret, secret/Promise you’ll keep it, keep it down,” she demands in Secret (Shh).

Her vocals are as strong as ever, although she seems to be chanting through most of the songs rather than singing. Paradise starts off with an annoying baby voice that transitions into a jarry electronic dance piece, which sounds like someone scraping the dancefloor with too much bubble soap.

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But why be so serious? Charli XCX’s high energy is as infectious as ever, she’s still edgy, and the anthemic Trophy has an upbeat attitude that would do Boom Clap proud. There’s also some interesting soundscapes that producer SOPHIE mixed into the songs. Summer’s just round the corner, so sit back, put some ice cubes on your tongue, and enjoy the ride.

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Brainless beats for summer fun


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