Foo fighting rock heroes prayer for Paris [Review]

Foo fighting rock heroes prayer for Paris [Review]

It's been 21 years since Foo Fighters formed, and the band is still incapable of producing a truly bad or hook-free song. Their latest release is EP Saint Cecelia (named after the patron saint of musicians), and features five back-to-basics, hard blues rock tracks that stand head and shoulders above last year's Sonic Highways project.

In response to last month's Paris attacks, lead singer Dave Grohl prays for healing on the title track with one of the strongest choruses they've done this decade, before invoking 90s rock angst on shouty Sean, and channeling Motorhead's speedy rock blasts for Savior Breath.

The Neil Young-esque Iron Rooster is a chance to breathe, with mournful piano and a heartfelt guest solo from blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr., before Neverending Sigh - seeing light after 20 years - harks back to the band's grunge scene roots.

The band is giving away the EP for free, while encouraging people to donate money to the victims of the recent terrorist attack.

Its "in memoriam" message aside, the EP signals a rejuvenation of the Foos' direction and if Saint Cecilia is a forecast for the next album, the outlook is fine and fair.

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Rock heroes prayer for Paris


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