Adele's 25 lives up to the hype, and it could be her best work ever [Review]

Adele's 25 lives up to the hype, and it could be her best work ever [Review]

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins shakes our souls harder than ever with her third studio album, 25, a release that lives up to the hype. Whether it's I Miss You, When We Were Young, or the gospel-influenced River Lea, Adele's vocals guide us through a flurry of timeless piano ballads, making them think of wintry walks at night.

Every track picks up the grains of emotion left behind in the previous, bringing listeners on a journey of endless reminiscing.

After the poignant kick of Hello, which broke download and streaming records when it was released last month, Adele moves into Send My Love (To Your New Lover). In a saccharine chorus, she recounts former love, which she's ready to move past.

Adele changes up her style in I Miss You, with some sensual rhythms and an R&B touch to the both the vocals and melodies.

Towards the end, All I Ask gives the final push to propel the album beyond the hype left by Someone Like You with its heart-wrenching lyrics and sonics.

Sweetest Devotion picks up with buoyant beats as Adele sings about motherhood, ending the album on a blissful note.

Parts of 25 are firmly lodged in Adele's past, but the sentiments are genuine, and it has some of her best music ever.

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Adele's 25 lives up to the hype


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