One Direction lose their way post Zayn Malik departure [Review]

One Direction lose their way post Zayn Malik departure [Review]

Directioners worrying about One Direction post-Zayn should rest easy with the release of the band's latest album, Made in the A.M. It puts a smile on your face, but does occasionally raise the odd eyebrow.

Their first single as a four-member crew, Drag Me Down is a title that possibly hints at Malik's retirement, but instead of being bitter, it's a spiritual anthem of a promising future ahead.

Infinity is another highlight, with a chorus of: "How many nights does it take to count the stars?" It is sung not as a question, but as an exclamation.

But later on in the album we get to Olivia, a melody that's more cartoon than boy band. And three tracks - I Want to Write You A Song, Love You Goodbye, and If I Could Fly - are virtually identical in tempo and tone, making the album mundane and dragged-out. A.M., the last of the lot, tries to find a mix of joy and pain, but it ends up only finding boredom.

Fans might like the album, but 1D's glory days are behind them.

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Less than awesome as a foursome


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