Top vocals mean acca-success for Pentatonix, but the album is lacking in lyrical depth

Top vocals mean acca-success for Pentatonix, but the album is lacking in lyrical depth


With their fourth studio album, a cappella group Pentatonix is out to show that their unique sound is just as good in their original songs as in their many popular covers.

Pentatonix features 13 new tracks by the Grammy-winning group, only one of which is a cover. The album is a musical delight; solid proof that a cappella singing can produce music as diverse as songs involving instruments, but with a more organic feel.

Na Na Na has the energy and harmonies of an African chorus; Misbehavin's old school doo-wop sound is sure to get you grooving; and Cracked's big chorus has a rock and roll vibe.

While a joy to listen to, Pentatonix does not offer a lot of lyrical depth. As reflected in the uninteresting name, the album sounds more like a compilation of songs written separately by the group's members rather than a planned collection - making it less memorable than it could have been.

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Top vocals mean acca-success


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Pauline Wong


Pentatonix actually did say in one of their spreecasts for fans that the songs are not written or compose accordingly. PTX found their inspirations by brainstorming in their free time and just write the songs. However, it is believed that "Misbehavin'" is a song written by Scott dedicated to his lover as he has said that the song meant a lot to him in a YouTube video. "Rose Gold", as quoted by Scott in his tweets, maybe inspired by Taylor Swift's song "Style". "Sing" is basically a song written so as to spread the love and joy or music to the world, as well as the power of #TeamInternet, they also said that the song is dedicated to pentaholics :). "Light in the Hallway" is a lullaby dedicated to Scott's nephew Landon. It is originally named "The Goodnight Song", but the title changed so as to make the name more appealing. Anyway, they topped the Billboard as Number 1, making a capella history as the first a capella album to top in Billboard so I am very proud of them~!