Spooky sounds and scary tunes for Halloween

Spooky sounds and scary tunes for Halloween

To really set the mood for Halloween, you need the right blend of terror and excitement - and Young Post has the playlist that will do just that for you!

Wong Tsui-kai

Ray Parker Jnr - Ghostbusters

Because I like to be reminded who I'm gonna call on Halloween. This is one of the main songs that springs to mind when someone mentions Halloween music.

Lauren James

The Shaggs - It's Halloween

Timeless, catchy, and completely unsettling, It's Halloween is a festive ditty by 70s outsider music group The Shaggs, a trio of sisters whose father badgered into forming a band that would one day be declared "better than The Beatles" by famous guitarist Frank Zappa. My number one Halloween tune.

Lucy Christie

Michael Jackson - Thriller

From the creepy wolf howl to the lyrics about "something evil's lurking in the dark" (voiced by horror legend Vincent Price), this song is perfect to get you spooked. The video is very horror-movie-esque, and the mystery surrounding Michael Jackson himself only adds to the thrills. It's perfect!

Sam Gusway

Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers - Monster Mash

This one doesn't take itself too seriously, just a good fun song about Frankenstein having a party with vampires and zombies.


O Fortuna from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

This is the granddaddy of all Halloween music. The operatic drama adds a touch of high class to horror. Stick it on the stereo during your party this weekend and terrify guests as they arrive.

Ariel Conant

Johnny Cash - Ghostriders in the Sky

Because The Blues Brothers (1980) is an awesome film, and you can get all country-and-(old)-western with it - perfect if you're going dressed as a cowboy or cowgirl this year. Also, it's about demon cows that foretell the apocalypse.

Heidi Yeung

Mel Blanc & Thurl Ravenscroft - Pink Elephants on Parade

Pink Elephants on Parade from Disney's Dumbo, in the scene where Dumbo sees scary elephants after sneaking some of the circus men's wine. The animation is terrifying and haunts me to this day.

YouTube won't allow us to embed the video, probably because it's far too scary! Watch it here instead.

Melanie Leung

Bill Lee - Cruella De Vil

I don't celebrate Halloween, but if I had to choose my favourite scary song it'll be Cruella De Vil. Its lyrics are dramatic and the melody makes you feel as if someone evil is lurking just behind you.

Susan Ramsay

Mark Snow - The X Files Theme

Inspired by How Soon is Now? by The Smiths, The X Files' theme's maudlin whistles make for an instantly recognisable opening credits. It's a topical choice, too, since the supernatural mystery series is set to be rebooted in the new year.

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