Everest depicts the downsides to being on top [Review]

Everest depicts the downsides to being on top [Review]

Being literally on top of the world isn't always a good thing - especially when a terrible storm is preventing you from getting back down alive.

Everest depicts the quandary faced by mountaineering guide Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) and his clients after they summitted the peak on May 10, 1996. 

The film's biggest challenge was telling the true story in a clear and compelling way on screen, especially with the large number of people involved. The script touches on the characters' back stories, but doesn't do enough to explore what motivates them to pay a tonne of money and risk their lives on the climb. George Mallory's famous line "Because it's there!" is of course quoted, but there are no new insights.

The first half of the film when they make their ascent is largely uninteresting. But it does serve to develop Hall's smart, organised and caring personality. Clarke gives a stellar performance as the good-natured New Zealander who is genuinely proud of his clients and will risk his life to help them accomplish their goals. He's convincingly positive, even when the situation is dire. 

Unfortunately, the scenic shots of the awe-inspiring mountain also don't last long enough for the audience to feel transported to the freezing landscape, but the epic story alone makes the film worth watching. 

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