Fantastic Four is a fantastic flop for Marvel [Review]

Fantastic Four is a fantastic flop for Marvel [Review]

Marvel is churning out movies faster than theatres can restock popcorn. Unlike Ant-Man, latest character dump Fantastic Four doesn't make the grade. A half effort to create a money-maker in the laziest way possible.

Despite lengthy explanation, characters still end up without personality and likeability.

Stereotypically misunderstood genius Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is signed up by Dr Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and his daughter Sue (Kate Mara) to develop teleportation technology.

In the lab, Richard's teams up with Sue, Storm's son Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and the scowling Victor von Doom (Toby Kebbell). When they get the machine working, the boys decide to take a joy ride to an alternate dimension. Things go wrong and they all get superpowers - almost an hour into the film.

With a boring script, weak characters and little action, there were many missed opportunities to make it fun. Lacking in tangible motivation, Kebbell's villain just seemed mildly annoyed.

For a film about five people who get superpowers from energy, this film had none.

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A fantastic flop for Marvel


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This was not a Marvel production you do get that right? It was a Fox Studios nightmare. They own the rights. Marvel has no input into the movie. The characters are Marvel characters but it is a Fox run production as they own the rights. A little background check maybe?