Ant-Man crawls its way up to the top [Review]

Ant-Man crawls its way up to the top [Review]

With a superb cast, Rudd proves that he's not the only hero of the movie.

Marvel's action movies and the superheroes in them seem to get bigger with each instalment. Thor gets more muscly, Groot branches out and the Hulk, well, hulks.

Enter Ant-Man, Marvel's latest in its vast colony of spin-offs. With less hype than the Avengers and a rocky development, this superhero stayed true to his name and crawled in under the radar.

The excellent Paul Rudd plays the down-on-his-luck ex-con Scott Lang. After getting out of prison, Lang is recruited by Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and daughter Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly).

Armed with a suit which can shrink its wearer down to miniscule size, Lang joins an army of ants to battle a foe who wants to weaponise the technology.

Like most Marvel hero movies, the plot is pretty predictable. However, Ant-Man stands out with a fast pace and plenty of jokes.

Epic scenes with slapstick antics keep the audience on their toes and laughing: a particularly effective fight scene involves a toy train set and a mishap with a Thomas the Tank Engine.

The main cast is strong, but the side characters are equally enjoyable too: Michael Peña's fast-talking Luis is a scene-stealer.

While it may be competing against major action contenders this summer, even from within its own studio, Ant-Man ups the ante by keeping things fresh, exciting and fun.

Marvel's Ant-Man - Trailer 1

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