Blue Spring Ride shows that clichés are OK when they're sweet [Review]

Blue Spring Ride shows that clichés are OK when they're sweet [Review]

If you're having problems looking for summer love, fall head over heels in this summer flick

Oh, how wonderful pure love is! No sarcasm intended; based on Io Sakisaka's popular manga series, Blue Spring Ride is the perfect summer flick for romance lovers.

Who cares about clichéd scenes when they're sweet? Accidental kiss? Check. Sunrises? Check. Also: dead mother, traumatised childhood, check.

Futaba Yoshioka (Tsubasa Honda) thinks she has her priorities sorted: friendship first, love second. But suddenly, her middle school (and secretly mutual) crush Kou Tanaka (Masahiro Higashide) transferred to her school after being AWOL for four years. He now goes by the name Mabuchi, and he says he's over Futaba. Of course he's lying.

The acting's not great, and Higashide's not that charming, but film is decently shot - believable enough to bring you into the story and be moved by Futaba's love. The supporting characters are diverse, so things don't get boring, and - a big plus - the ending isn't forced.

There's also a friendship theme that complements the romance.

If you're not having any luck finding a summer love, here's one that you can enjoy on screen.

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Clichés OK when they're sweet


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