Mad Max is mad good [Review]

Mad Max is mad good [Review]

Mad Max: Fury Road is basically one long chase scene. There are people with cars covered in spikes; people whose cars come with a swinging pole vault used for boarding other cars; oh, and a guy who has an electric guitar that also doubles as a flamethrower.

The stunning visuals, set design, and costumes will fully immerse in the story from the first moment. Tom Hardy puts on yet another excellent performance (watch Locke) as the tortured Max Rockatansky, haunted by the memories of people he couldn't save. And Charlize Theron sometimes steals the show as Imperator Furiosa, a tough-as-nails fighter who commands the truck that Max hitches a ride on.

Part of the reason this movie works so well is because it goes in the opposite direction from many big-budget action movies. Our heroes aren't fighting to save the entire universe from some doomsday device, they just want to escape a car-crazy cult leader who keeps women as slaves, and find redemption.

Fury Road also stands out because of its practical effects and stunts, which are less crazy than most, and grounded in reality.

If you haven't seen the original Mad Max movies, don't worry. The plot is easy to follow, yet also completely engrossing, and the movie is just one long joyride from start to end. Did I mention I liked this movie?

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