Spoiler Alert: We saw Pitch Perfect 2, here are nine things to know

Spoiler Alert: We saw Pitch Perfect 2, here are nine things to know


The Barden Bellas are back!
The Barden Bellas are back!
Photo: Universal Studios

The Pitch Perfect 2 production team have been taunting fans, releasing trailers that hint at the gloriousness yet to come. Young Post was lucky enough to see it - even before America. We're doing everything we can not to give it all away before the May 28 release date (WHY, studio, WHY?), but we couldn't help sharing these nine things ... #SOEXCITED

1. Unexpected faces

Y’all know about the Green Bay Packers’ cameo from the second trailer, but keep your eyes peeled for some seriously surprising appearances, fo shizzle.


2. The Jesca (Besse?) ship sailed at last

That kiss at the end of PP1? It worked – Beca and Jesse have been dating for three years and couldn’t be cuter. It’s just a shame we only see Jesse in  a couple of scenes.


3. Look who’s in treble

Bumper’s back! Yes, he worked with John Mayer (’s assistant’s assistant), and yes, he’s still the star of an a cappella group (only now it’s that group of fight-loving old guys, The Tonehangers).

Photo: Universal Studios


4. You want some of this

Forget all suggestions of playerdom, Bumper’s a big ol’ romantic. And he wants to date Fat Amy. Like, properly. And yes, they sing a duet.


5. Time for a retake

Chloe was in her final year in PP1, and yet she’s still here – deliberately failing courses for four years so she can stay. And while Aubrey has managed to graduate, she still manages to find a way to boss the girls around.


6. Newbies

Even though there are two new Bella members on the posters, there’s actually only one freshman in the group: Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), whose mum was a Bella back in the day …


7. Welcome to the riff-off!

It may not take place in an empty swimming pool, but rest assured there’s a riff-off in PP2. Categories include “Butt stuff”, “Country love”, “I dated John Mayer” (of course they sing Tay!) and “90s hip hop jamz”.


8. Epic finale medley

Remember The Final Countdown finale from PP1? This time, the finale number, Journey’s Anyway You Want It, is covered in tribal African style, Bollywood style, and PTX style – that’s right, Pentatonix makes an appearance.


9. Journey from Europe

The Bellas have a new rival in the form of Das Sound Machine. These Germans don't mess around.


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