The Cove highlights ignorance and greed [Review]

The Cove highlights ignorance and greed [Review]

Young Post gave you guys a chance to practise reviewing non-fiction films in English for your School Based Assessment and a second chance to see Katy Perry in Macau with two BFFs. Here is one of the top entries ...

The Cove was the documentary I watched recently. I love the animals and watch all different kinds of programmes or movies on animals. Nature seems so wonderful and mystery, and we don't even know it all. I think many people may have watch The Cove before, it really shows up the dark side of humanity. It is about dolphins and how they're treated by some Japanese people.

Dolphins possess one of the highest emotional intelligence of any animal we know. They are so smart, adorable and intelligence, so how can we let dolphins bear scuh pain? How can people be so clueless? So much evidence tells us that dolphins are really nice to people, and look what we're doing to them? Watching the documentary is so painful and my heart felt broken down.

The movie reminds me of so many things. It is not only about the dolphins, but there are so many other animals suffering all over the world. They belong to nature and are not the toys of humans who take their freedom or right to live away. People can be so selfish, they are never satisfied. We need to stop this.

In the documentary, you see that many Japanese did not know what their government is doing to these dolphins. However, no supply, no demand. The dolphins may look cute on the outside but they're hurting on inside. Someday, karma will come back to them.

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