The Cove may be too gory for some [Review]

The Cove may be too gory for some [Review]

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The sheer emotional impact "The Cove" manages to deliver is one that cannot be matched by many documentaries. As an animal enthusiast, diving into "The Cove" and its powerful narrative was both heartbreaking and stirring, as I was introduced to the grotesque truths within the whaling industry in Japan.

Though the documentary itself is but a short 87 minutes, the extent of the horrors and cruelties it captures and retells is enough to last anyone a lifetime. Through director Louie Psihoyos' lens, the atrocities of how tens of thousands of dolphins and porpoises are slaughtered are brought to light. The dim, night-vision cinematography as the crew attempt to film the massacre stealthily; the abrasive, defiant shouting of the Japanese fishermen at them; and the sea stained with spreading crimson of dolphins' and porpoises' lives are scenes that have been burned permanently into my mind.

However, The Cove may be too gory for some, as I have witnessed peers breaking down in tears at the brutal killings, and others who have closed their eyes, unable to bear the sight. Despite this, I believe that The Cove is a documentary well worth watching as the issues it exposes are very relevant, and its brilliantly heart-wrenching narrative will hopefully help provoke change in the whaling status quo.

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