Blackfish inspires animal conservation [Review]

Blackfish inspires animal conservation [Review]

Young Post gave you guys a chance to practise reviewing non-fiction films in English for your School Based Assessment and a second chance to see Katy Perry in Macau with two BFFs. Here is one of the top entries ...

The documentary I'm going to talk about is called Blackfish. It's directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and even though it's an old one I watched it just week ago. The documentary follows Tilikum the killer whale who has taken the lives of many, including one of the workers of Sea World).

Tilikum was captured in 1983 in Iceland, and fell victim to harassment by other whales. 

The work for the film began after the death of Tilikum's trainer, Dawn, in 2010. Sea World claims that the death of the worker was because she had worn a ponytail, but the director said "there had to be more to this story."

Overall I think this documentary has showed me more about how marine animals are treated in marine parks. And has made me never want to go to marine parks. It also has a special message, which I think is that animals also have feelings like us, and we should try to protect them instead of capturing them or, in some tragic cases, killing them to make accessories. 

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